Bullet Bills + Super Mario Bros = 100% Enemies

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Game Info: Bullet Bills + Super Mario Bros = 100% Enemies

Super Mario Bullet Bill game comes with a smashing twist, as you have to play here as a Bullet Bill! Can you imagine a projectile with menacing looks and arms? That will appear in many of the Mario series. It’s interesting how bullet bills and Mario hate each other, since the former have debuted in Super Mario Bros. These enemies walk throughout most classic and newer Mario games. Bullet Bills are usually shot out of large cannons, Bill Blasters, and are under Bowser’s control. However, standing too close and touching the Bill Blaster, no Bullet Bill shooting will happen.

Actually, you can first meet Bullet Bills in World 5-1. They are shot either from the Bill Blaster or from off-screen, fly straight or are placed strategically. Their aim is to be wherever Mario is. In order to defeat a nasty Bullet Bill, you need jumping on it, kicking a Koopa Shell at it or using a Starman. However, it’s still immune to any flames.

Well, if you want to get acquainted with Bullet Bills, play Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario World, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario 64, New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Adventures, Super Mario Land, Yoshi and WarioWare, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, Mario Party, and so more. Alive or not, Bullet Bills can produce emotions too, being able to cry or even talk. Isn’t it amazing after all?