Donkey Kong Game: How Everything Started

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Game Info: Donkey Kong Game: How Everything Started

Do you know that initial ‘jumpman’ Mario firstly appeared in this classic 1981 arcade game from Nintendo? Certainly, together with a large ape Donkey Kong. Everything started from the only level and infinite lives, so you could play as many times as possible. By the way, a demo version of the original Donkey Kong Game is now available online.

Donkey Kong and Mario are creations of Shigeru Miyamoto. In fact, they typically appear in 2 various game series. The first genre is a puzzle type game, where we meet Cranky Kong vs. Mario in some industrial construction setting. The second series present Donkey Kong and his clan vs. King K. Rool and his clan of crocodiles.

A hallmark of the Donkey Kong games is barrels, used as weapons, furniture, vehicles and lodging. No doubt, this character is worldwide recognizable and extremely popular.

As for Mario and Donkey Kong games, there are a lot of favorites among them. Playing Donkey Kong Classic, you’ll help Mario to rescue a Lady, as angry Donkey Kong keeps her with him. Here you have to get the highest and to be aware of the barrels. Luigi Donkey Kong is actually a Donkey Kong’ mock-up. In this game you need to control Luigi, but not Mario.

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