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Game Info: Mario Combat

 Mario Combat, or

How the All Times Character Has Become a Ninja

What was the first Mario game you played? No doubt, it was something like a ‘wandering around’ fun game. Indeed, we all have grown up with those Mario Bros & Co, who could easily put a smile on any face, right? By now, there is a plenty of flash Mario games, as well as a wide range of classic variations. What to play depends on you. But any version is a truly huge game with so many levels, adventures, puzzles, secrets and tasks to explore.

Be sure to play Mario Combat, because it is one of the top rated games. Mario has just returned from Tibet, where he was learning kung fu; so beware of the turtles! Besides, don’t you want to fight dragons, monsters, werewolves & those undead for your Super Mario’s power, fame and fortune? This means you are going to create different combos, use new moves, fight through Koopa Troopas and beat Bowser. As usual, this game features passing levels, finding out secrets and collecting coins as well.

In other words, an extremely fun fighting game is waiting for you. Both  controls and instructions are all in-game. If you haven’t experienced the Super Mario Combat yet, just check it out. You will love this game for sure.