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Game Info: Mario Forever Flash

 Legendary Mario

In ‘Mario Forever’

No matter, whether you’re a real fan of Mario, or the one who has never played this friendly plumber, you won’t pass by this title. Super Mario Forever, a remake of the classic game, will make anyone busy for hours. Well, guide Mario through various worlds, through countless obstacles and awful monsters. All these actions will help him with the key thing: to beat the dragon Koopa and thus save the Princess Peach.

Mario Forever has renewed its music, graphics and scrolling if compared with the original Mario games. More so, there are different novelties in the gameplay, for example, saving your own game or branding new enemies and bonuses. However, this is still the same game, with jumping into the pipes, collecting coins and passing levels, but in a much more upgraded way.

Play ‘Mario Forever‘ and don’t be afraid to become really addictive. No doubt, you’ll adore ill-tempered turtles and evil mushrooms, new powerful graphics and smoother scrolling, better visual effects and advanced pipe shortcuts. This is all created for you, for your complete satisfaction, pleasure and relaxation with Mario, a flagship character of all times.