Mario Racing Tournament

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Game Info: Mario Racing Tournament

Mario Racing Tournament

with Mario & Friends

Racing and driving games with Mario are something unbelievable. Playing Mario Racing Tournament game, everybody will have much fun, racing together with his or her favorite Super Mario character. Why don’t you want to be faster than your competitors and feel that drive?

All you have to do is choose your most favorite character. Then you need to leave all the others in the dust! The key thing here is being active and attentive, collecting bonuses, buying upgrades between the levels, smashing the blocks and obtaining coins on your finish line way. It is necessary to finish and complete each map in order to achieve the next level goals. Well, if you are willing to win, nothing will stop your energy.

This Mario racing game is sure to keep you so much interested and excited. Play online and tell your friend. Get acquainted with the character you’ve never known before. Race for the most fun. Go all out in Mario carts. Check out this cool racing game. Believe experienced players that the emotions are more than fantastic. Just play now.