Super Mario 63

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Game Info: Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63:

If You Like Mario, You’ll Love This Game

“Super Mario 63″ continues the series of Super Mario Games. In fact, this is a fan-game, inspired by Nintendo’s Super Mario 64. But it brings a new twist to the familiar Mario platform. Now, there is a wide choice of different tricks and traps, allowing incredible action and evil puzzles. Besides, new levels can be created and then shared with other players. Due to this level editor, you may have your own adventures. Moreover, the game is both easy and fast-moving. And with some playful theme music and sharp graphics, this Mario web game offering is truly unique.

For the most part, Super Mario 63 is a remake of the Super Mario Sunshine 64 I, made in 2006. So, many features and levels are based on this game and others of Nintendo’s ones. Among them are:

  • a detailed storyline;
  • ability to play as Luigi;
  • a customizable level designer;
  • sharable codes;
  • 3 different Fludd power-ups;
  • 4 different power-caps;
  • 64 shine sprites;
  • 64 star coins to collect.

In a word, this Mario Game is a really good intro movie. Your tasks in Super Mario 63 are to pass through all the levels, pick up all the things and find out all the secrets. Hurry to turn into Mario, as he is able to dive and fly here!