Super Mario Flash 2

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Game Info: Super Mario Flash 2

Super Mario Flash 2:

All of the Fun that Mario Has Created for the World

Super Mario Flash 2 world is back again, turning better than ever. In this classic platformer game you have to beat all 32 levels of magic world with baddies and more of Mario stuff. Just lead Mario through Pipe city and Goomba valley, jump on turtles Koompas and avoid koopa troopas, using arrow keys to control Mario. Don’t forget to collect coins and kill enemies from Super Mario World while making your way from tunnel to tunnel.

The thing is this is one of those allright games, which you may really play all the time. But it is probably perfect to play Super Mario Flash 2 against each other. Then you may mostly win if you have more experience. No matter, which way you are going to play Super Mario Flash 2, exciting adventures won’t leave you indifferent. So, what about this classic Mario game? This is right at your fingertips to test your strength, reflexes and smarts. Simply use the keys to move or jump. Good luck!