Super Mario Racing II

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Game Info: Super Mario Racing II

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Let’s Drive Together

Mario Brothers have been truly entertaining us for over 25 years. Mario and Luigi are so well-known for their endless adventures. And what about their arsenal of tools and weapons? Those mushrooms, fireballs, warp whistles and tanooki suits work wonders with other heroes. Generally, Nintendo has released hundreds of Mario games with action, shooting, adventure, racing, sports, puzzles or role playing. Million of gamers have pounced on stars, raced the carts or collected coins and 1UP lives, listening to the Mario Theme.

Speaking of Mario Racing Games, they also belong to the most recognizable classics through generations. Whether you are interested in cars, carts or bikes, Mario surely has a fun game especially for you. Do you want to be the next Mario master? Then prove it right here, having all the hottest Mario racing in one place.

Find Super Mario and friends back to hit the tracks. Why not choose any other character in the game to race? The oldie-goodie Mario Bros, that is Mario, Luigi and Yoshi, can win every race. No doubt, there will be a lot of items for collecting along the way, just like in the old games. Simply select from 8 characters and race through a variety of platform-style stages. And don’t forget to do it faster!