Super Mario Rampage

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Game Info: Super Mario Rampage

Super Mario Rampage Game:

Have You Seen Such Mario?

If you like funny Mario man, you will definitely love this game. Mario Rampage continues the series of adventurous Super Mario Games. In fact, this is a fan-game that brings a new twist to the so familiar Mario platform. Here, there will be an incredible action, as cheerful and kind Mario turns into a violent and furious killer! Besides, due to different levels, you may have real adventures. More so, this game is both simple and fast-moving. Playful theme music, sharp graphics and a truly unique setting will excite you greatly.

In a word, this Mario game is a really good comp movie. Your task is to kill zombies, passing through the levels. Hurry to turn into Mario, as he is really in a rampage here! Play the game online for free and discover whether it is classics or a new cool variation, a fanmade creation or the original Super Mario games’ remake for you.

Well, our Mario is really sick and tired of his enemies, so now he is going to blow them all away! Take his shotgun and get rid of all the creatures as violently as you can. Mario goes on a rampage, so won’t you help him kill everything in sight in the Mushroom Kingdom?

By the way, all the instructions and controls are in the game.