Super Mario Strikers

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Game Info: Super Mario Strikers

Mario Strikers Charged:

A World-Known Game №1

This game is better known in Europe under the name of Mario Strikers Charged Football. Initially, it was a sports video game from some Canadian developer. Super Mario Strikers were published by Nintendo, possessed Wi-Fi support and were rated the highest mark.

In the Mario Strikers game, the characters fight for a metallic ball on different pitches. The most powerful shot is called ‘Mega Strike’, and it can be performed by the captain only. There is also a ‘Skillshot’, which is able to bypass or paralyze the goalkeeper. In order to defend, the players even hit others, either with a ball or without it. They may use red shells or bananas to get an advantage over the opponent. Due to the ‘Super Ability’ item, your Mario can grow to a huge size. Through ‘Striker Challenges’, you can choose a session with such obstructions, as weak goalkeeper or missing character.

In a word, Mario Strikers Charged is a game of enjoyable multiplayer options. No doubt, it’s immediately funny, though a little brutal and ‘anti-soccer’ game. Join the fans who have already played it!