Super Mario War

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Game Info: Super Mario War

Super Mario War Game:

6 Years of Absolute Success

This is an adventure Mario game that was released in 2006 for PC. Here you are offered to fight with other players. But do you know which way? Either by jumping on their heads, or by making use of the picked up items. Funny, isn’t it? Actually, you’ll have a death match between Mario, Luigi and their Super Mario Bros.

The main feature is called ‘The World’. It resembles the Super Mario Bros 3’s one. In fact, this game has many modes, but the typical mode is classic. You simply select an arena and use different items for killing other players. The last one standing is declared the winner.

Also, there are ‘Get-The-Chicken’ and ‘Domination’ modes. It’s necessary to choose from the variety of characters or even make your own, copying the folder and changing its sprites/name. They can be the characters from Mario series, Sonic series and Kirby series. However, all of them possess the same abilities.

You are recommended to play Super Mario War with all your friends. It’s simple and suitable even for non-gamers. Such war-game with Mario & Company will definitely appeal to people of all ages. Start stomping as many other Marios as you can to win the game. And it will give you a real fuzzy feeling.