Terms of Service

These are the terms of service we maintain at AllMarioGames.Net. Your use of our website and playing the free Mario Games confirms your acceptance to these terms laid out for our users.

You are free to use our games and play them or reproduce them. However, due credits should be given to it’s original developers.

Abuse of website and other users

You are not allowed to abuse the website other than browsing and playing the games. you are free to create a user account. But you are not allowed to spam the website and other users of the website. Strict action including suspension of your account or blocking of your IP will be taken if these terms are violated.

Last but not the least, you are not allowed to use the website for any illegal activities. The website is simply provided for entertainment and the owner will have no liability whatsoever in any unforseen circumstances which may be resulted from the use of the website.

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